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We help small business owners by implementing tailor-made systems to take care of their bookkeeping so that they can focus on growing their business and making money.

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Tailor-made bookkeeping systems for small businesses

As small business owners ourselves we understand the challenges of running a business - keeping customers happy, growing your business and managing  staff, all while trying to keep on top of your bookkeeping, compliance and payroll.


Many small business owners struggle to stay on top of their bookkeeping, when all they really want to do is get on with the job of optimising their business and making money.


Small business owners  are typically trying to achieve this while:

  • Keeping their existing customers happy,

  • Attracting new customers,

  • Managing staff,

  • Navigating a constantly evolving business environment,

  • Trying to find a balance in their lifestyle.


What was once an enjoyable job has become a daily struggle. 


How do we know? Well, we have been there and also struggled with the challenges of growing  a new business while trying to find a balance in our lifestyle.


Luckily we were able to bring balance into our days by developing and implementing robust systems that allowed us to keep on top of our bookkeeping and focus on growing our business,  looking after our customers and making money.


This experience, combined with our diverse business background and training in bookkeeping, payroll and management gave us the tools needed to get out and help others.


Now we are on a mission to help small business owners all over New Zealand escape the struggle, so they can get on with the job of  optimising their business and making money.


How do we do this you might ask?


We help our clients implement a robust bookkeeping system, specifically designed for their business. It will reduce the time you spend on your bookkeeping, letting you focus on the operations of your business and helping you improve financial performance.


To find out more click on the link below to book in a chat so that we can discuss how we can design and implement a  bookkeeping system to meet your specific needs.

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Cameron brings a wealth of business experience, having worked in general management roles in multinational corporate businesses as well as NZ owned businesses and has most recently owned a lawns and gardens franchise business with Katie.

Cameron has an MBA from Southern Cross University and a NZ Diploma of Business from MIT. He is both Xero Advisor and Xero Payroll Certified. Cameron is also a Certified Bookkeeper, through the Career Academy.

Having owned and operated a small business, Cameron has a keen understanding both of the bookkeeping requirements of a small business and the pressure running your own business can bring.

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